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2009 Motorsport Auto Z Car West Coast Nationals Review Coming Soon
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The Kick Off Party, Friday, April 24, 2009
Free food and a mini Z-car show? Can there be a better way to spend a Friday night? Hundreds of you didn't think there was, and showed up for a great time at Motorsport. Thanks to the Group Z volunteers that helped with everything from set up to take down. In addition to a few pictures below, don't miss the mini z-show gallery, including a former Work-In-Progress award winner (now finished) that didn't make it to the big car show this year!
Kick Off Party Mini-Car Show Gallery
The World Famous Garage Sale, Saturday, April 25, 2009
The first group of images is before and during the onslaught of bargain-seekers who were ready and waiting for the 2009 Garage Sale. The second group of images (and video) shows some of the remaining parts still left over after the crowd had thinned out hours later. So if you didn't come this year because you couldn't make it early, it is still worth it to come later, as there were plenty of great deals left!
Car Show Prep & Detail, Saturday, April 25, 2009
A bright Saturday late morning and afternoon in Southern California, warm and sunny with a slight breeze, and you along with lots of other Z enthusiasts cleaning and preparing your car for Sunday's show: What could be better? Well, a huge tent so you can detail in the shade would be better, and having a Z specific parts showroom a few feet away isn't bad either! Throw in the proximity to a Z parts garage sale, and you've got a great day!
The Motorsport Z Showroom:
If you have to wait in line, wait in line for something worthwhile, like parts for your Z! "Like a kid in a candy store". We've been told that more times than we can remember. Nobody likes to wait in line, but hopefully the fun of getting cool new stuff for your Z is worth it. (Thanks to all who took advantage of the many show-only deals in the Motorsport showroom, especially those of you who had to wait in line.)
The 370Z!
A big thank you to Nissan for dropping off a new Monterey Blue 370Z for the weekend so everyone could enjoy taking a closer look. We did so ourselves, and thought you might enjoy some pictures from different angles you may not normally get to see.
The Z Enthusiast Dinner Party, Saturday, April 25, 2009
The interaction at this year's banquet, being our second time visiting Merlin and his "wenches", made for greater familiarity, and what we'll call more freedom of interaction! In the end it was all in good fun and everybody seemed to enjoy the laughter and release of tensions. Of course, the food was still great, and Merlin had a few new illusions to mystify the crowd.
Show Home | Z Exhibition | Awards | Driving Event |Friday/Saturday
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